A letter from the Director:

My name is Ken “coach B” Brubaker. I am a full time lacrosse coach who saw my first game in 1973.  At 50+ I am still an active men’s club player. Coaching and teaching the game of lacrosse is my passion. I started with one travel team of eighteen players back in 2005 and an idea was born. Shortly after my company, 313 Lacrosse LLC was founded. The original mission still holds true today. My goal was to add great off-season training for regional players. Over a decade ago I committed to hire the best instructors available to help me teach the game the way it is played at the highest levels. For over a decade I have exposed a multitude of players to the nations hotbeds of lacrosse, and shown them training and great competition unlike they had ever seen.

What my program is not an inexperienced start up program or a corporate machine encroaching on players others have trained.  We do not make unrealistic promises or guarantee college scholarships. My company is home grown and community based. I built one day at a time with a monumental commitment of time and energy.  I introduced many of these kids to their first stick including two of my own sons.  Since 2000 I have helped youth players learn the game. I attend their HS games.  I teach them the value of sportsmanship and teamwork.

One of my proudest statistics is that over a hundred members of my travel teams have moved up the collegiate ranks. Many of these players have gone on to play at the NAIA, MCLA and NCAA Division-I, II, & III.  I take great pride in their accomplishments, and sincerely hope that the 313 experiences contributed to their success. My only promise to players is improvement and an awesome experience.

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313 Lacrosse Historical Time Line

2005: GP Select is formed, a summer High School Team creating Grosse Pointe first ever lacrosse travel team. The first team was a combination of GP North, GP South and University Liggett HS players. Our team motto was introduced – “Honor the Game”

2006 – 2008: GP Select’s first tryouts are held. Two teams attend the first travel event, the GLLI at Mattawan High School. Out of state travel is added with the team attending (2007) to Summer Sizzle in Baltimore, MD. GP Select goes out of Grosse Pointe for players for the first time (2008) with players from Utica and Macomb County.

2009 – 2010: The 313 Academy is founded, (2009) offering fall and winter training at the Sports Academy in Chesterfield, MI.  The first 313 Lax Club is formed to travel to Ithaca, NY for fall Ball.  GP Select expands to six travel teams (2010) Players attend from Wayne, Macomb, Oakland counties and SW Ontario. Brandon Davenport becomes the 1st NCAA Division-I recruit.

2011-2014:  The 313 Lax Summer Camp is added at GP Academy (2011). The first tournament is added (313 Lax Fest) and followed by the first Fall Ball event (Donnybrook).  GP Hornets are formed adding youth travel (2013). 313 created the LBLC Brand and begins to manufacture and distribute sublimated uniforms.

2014- Present:  GP Select hits two significant milestones - 500 high school alumni and 100 players now playing collegiate lacrosse. 313 partners with University Liggett, (2015) accessing the best venue in the state. The Michigan Select 99 is launched (2016) bringing 45 NCAA coaches to a local recruiting event.