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A letter from the Director:

Coaching and instructing lacrosse is my passion. I started with one travel team of merely 18 players back in 2005 and GP Select was born. By 2006 my company, 313 Lacrosse LLC was founded. My original mission still holds true today. My goal was to fill a huge void by offering great lacrosse in the off-season. I saw a great opportunity to create travel teams and expose players to new places and great competition unlike they had ever seen. I have always been compelled to help kids from our communities gain exposure to collegiate recruiters. On a personal level my promise has always been to study, teach and train the modern game. I am a full time lacrosse coach who saw my first game in 1973 and am still an active men's club player.

FYI, 313 Lacrosse includes GP Select, GP Hornets, 313 Lax Clubs and the 313 Academy and is one of Michigan's original off-season programs. Over the course of the past decade, I have established my company by rapidly growing as a bona-fide, year round program of excellence. I now oversee multiple programs year-round from K thru post collegiate. My company offers some of the region's best all off-season training for teams and individuals. We run great clinics and youth camps that excite and teach the game. Our numbers are a testament to our success, including over 500 travel team alumni, a historic attendance of over 50 different tournaments all over the USA. Our teams have played over accumulatively 1000 games against great teams from all over the USA and Canada.

Our proudest statistic is that close to 100 of our players have moved to the collegiate ranks. Many of these players have gone on to compete at the highest level in the NCAA including DI, DII, and DIII. I take great pride in those accomplishments, and will continue to give my heart and soul to this great read entire letter click HERE